How to Put Files in a Media Player Cyclone

Cyclone Media Player is a device that allows you to put your media files on an external hard drive to play them on your TV. You can connect the media player to your PC with a USB cable and easily put the media files onto Cyclone’s hard drive. Cyclone Media Player supports various file types including AVI ; VOB; MPEG 1, 2 and 4; OGG, MP3 and more. Things You’ll Need
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Connect your computer to the Cyclone Media Player using the USB cable that comes with your media player. Wait for your computer to detect Cyclone.

Click on the “Cyclone HDD” drive that appears on your desktop. Create three new folders inside the Cyclone hard drive. Name them “Movies”, “Photos” and “Music”.

Select the media files from your PC that you want to put on Cyclone. Drag media files from your computer and drop the files into folders on the Cyclone hard drive.

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