How to Read CDR Records

A CDR is a CD on which you can record information using a CD burner. It can be used to store data records or create or copy an audio CD to play on a CD player. Unlike CDRWs, you can only write to a CDR once. They cannot be overwritten, like a flash drive or cassette tape. However, they are effective for backing up your important files or making a compilation of your favorite songs. Instructions
Insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive. For most computers, you will need to open the disc tray using the button on the front of the drive. For some, you can simply push the CD into the drive slot.

Wait for the autoplay feature to pop-up with a dialog box, if you have AutoPlay enabled. If not, skip to Step 4 .

Select the desired action in the AutoPlay dialog box. For example, if you want to play music files from the CD, select “Play Audio CD.” If the disc contains data files you want to access, select “Open folder to view files”. You can then browse, open or copy the files just like you would from a regular folder.

If you don’t have AutoPlay enabled, open “My Computer”. In here, you will see each of your memory storage devices, including the CD/DVD drive. Open the CD/DVD drive. If it’s an audio CD, it will start playing with your default media player. If it’s a data CD, it will open as a file folder. You can then browse, open or copy the files as you would from a regular folder.

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