How to Rebuild USB Drivers

Most hardware that works over a USB connection to a computer requires a driver. This driver informs the computer how to handle the connected equipment and what actions to take when using the hardware. If the driver is damaged and not working properly, you need to reconstruct the information to ensure the computer is able to use the connected equipment correctly. Things You’ll Need
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Click the “Start” button, select “Control Panel”. Once the Control Panel loads, click on the “System” icon, followed by “Hardware” and finally “Device Manager”. The window loads displaying all the hardware installed on the computer.

Scroll through the list of all hardware installed on your computer until you locate the USB device that is needed to be rebuilt.


Right-click on the USB hardware list and choose “Delete” from the dropdown menu.

Restart your computer once the driver is removed. <Br>

Insert the driver installation CD into your computer’s disk drive. The driver wizard installation loads on the screen. Accept the end-user agreement, then follow the installation wizard’s instructions, placing the corrected USB driver into the computer.

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