How to Receive Digital Satellite TV with a PCI Card

PCI card slots are internal expansion ports that allow you to install additional hardware into a computer system. There are dozens of different PCI cards you can install, including a TV tuner card. This tuner card converts the signal from a television source, such as a satellite receiver, and produces programming on your computer screen. Things You’ll Need
TV Tuner Card PCI
Installation CD
Driver Software Installation CD
Audio / Video Cables RCA
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turn off the computer, disconnect the cables attached to the system, then remove the Phillips screws along the back side of the computer. Open the computer case to reveal the inside of the system.

Locate a free PCI slot. These slots are on the back of the motherboard (the big computer circuit board) and face the back of the computer.

Slide the PCI TV tuner card into the open slot, then push down on the plastic levers found on either side of the PCI card. These are the latches that secure the card to the PCI slot. Once the card is secure, close the computer case up, insert the cables back into the computer and tighten the Phillips screws.

Turn on the computer and insert the driver installation CD. Follow the on-screen installation wizard instructions to install the driver.

eject the driver CD after you have finished installing the driver, then insert the software installation CD. Follow the instructions that appear, accept the end user agreement and click “Install” to install the drivers.

Connect the RCA audio/video cables to the “OUT” ports on the satellite receiver, then connect the other ends of the cables to the “in” ports on the PCI TV tuner card. Once connected launch the program you just installed and satellite programming will load on your screen.

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