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How to record only a selection of Windows 11 screen – Screenshot Snipping Tool

With the recording function newly added to Windows11 Snipping Tool, it is possible to record only the selected area of ​​the screen. For the recording method, select the “Record button”, click “New”, select the range of the screen to be recorded and click “Start”, you can record only the selected range. This page introduces how to record only the selected area with the screenshot application Snipping Tool. Please refer to the following page for how to cut and capture the screen with the Snipping Tool and how to use the Snipping Tool function that allows you to sketch on the image

Steps to record a selection of Windows 11 screen
Snipping Tool can only record a selected area of ​​the screen, but it doesn’t have a built-in recording function. I can record, but the sound is not recorded. If you need to record sound, Windows 11 also has a screen recording function (GameBox) that allows you to make detailed settings such as recording sound for each application window. The operation method and settings are almost the same as Windows 10, so please refer to the following page.

1. Launch Snipping Tool

Recording cannot be performed by activating the shortcut key If you press the “Windows” + “Shift” + “S” keys on the keyboard to activate the Snipping Tool, there is no recording button, so recording cannot be performed.

1-1. Click the “Start” button and click “Settings” in the Start menu.
1-2. Click “All apps” in the Start menu.
1-3. Scroll the screen and click the “Snipping Tool” icon to start it. 

Create a shortcut icon to open the Snipping Tool

■ Create in Start Menu

It’s a pain to launch from “All apps” every time, so it’s convenient to pin the icon to the start menu.

■ Create on Desktop

If you want to create an icon directly on the desktop (home), click and hold the “Snipping Tool” icon and move to the home screen until “Link” is displayed.

2. Snipping Tool recording preparation operations

2-1. Click the ” Record ” button on the operation panel of Snipping Tool to select it.
 2-2. Confirm that “Recording” is selected and click ” + New “.
 2-3. If the entire screen is filtered, preparation for recording the selected area is complete.
* To cancel preparation for recording, press the keyword “Esc” key.

3. Select the area to record

3-1. Left-click and move the screen to record to determine the selection range. You can also modify the size and selection later.
* For the shape to record the selected area, select the area with a rectangle. No other shape can be selected.

Resize or move recording selection, cancel selection

■ Change the size of the recording selection

Use the mouse to change the size of the selected range of the screen to be recorded in the thicker part of the dotted frame. Move the mouse cursor to the “four corners” and the center of the dotted line, and when the cursor changes to a ”  ” shape, you can change the size by moving while left-clicking. 

■ Move the selection to record

If you move the mouse cursor to the dotted line of the selection to be recorded, it will change to the ”  ” move cursor, so you can move the selection by left-clicking and moving it. 

■ Canceling the selected area for recording

If you move the mouse cursor outside the selection range and click, the selection disappears and you can select the range again.
 If you click the ” X ” close button on the operation panel , the filter will also disappear with a complete cancellation instead of disabling. I’m starting over.

4. Start and stop recording

If the selection range of the screen to be recorded is not complete, the “Start button” on the operation panel cannot be clicked, so recording cannot be performed. 

Start screen recording

If the selected area to be recorded is completed, click the ” Start ” button on the operation panel, “3-2-1” and a countdown will be displayed, and recording will start. 

stop screen recording

Click the “  ” button on the operation panel to stop recording. Once you stop recording, a window will appear in which you can play the recorded video of the selection.

cancel recording

If you want to cancel the recording after starting it, click the ” Trash ” button on the control panel.

5. Check and save the video recording the selected area

■ Checking recorded videos

When you stop the screen recording that cut the screen, the recorded video will be displayed in the playback player where you can check the video, so you can play it back and check the video. 

■ Save recorded videos

Recorded videos are not automatically saved. Click the Save icon to save.

■ Copy and save recorded videos

Alternatively, you can save the recorded video by clicking the “Copy” icon and pasting it into a folder.

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