How to recover a bad disk that won’t read or mount

Data recovery software can often detect and recover files from bad disks that are not detected by the operating system and that refuse to grow. Data recovery labs are extremely successful in this operation, but the price can be too high for many users, depending on the importance of the data on the drive. When data is critical, there is no substitute for a dedicated data recovery lab and no attempt should be made to recover data manually, as any drive activity reduces the chance of success by the lab. Things You’ll Need Separate
Data Recovery Software External
Working Computer
USB Hard Drive Adapter Cable
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Data Recovery
Shut down the computer that has the bad disk installed immediately after noticing problems with the disk.

get data recovery software and install it on working computer. Several options for finding data recovery software can be found in the Resources section of this article.

Purchase a USB hard drive adapter and attach it to an available USB port on your work computer. Install all necessary drivers for the adapter.

Connect the failed hard drive to the USB hard drive adapter and a power supply. Cancel all instructions that attempt to autoplay or initialize the drive, or that ask what to do with the drive.

Run data recovery software and have it scan for external drives connected to the working computer’s USB ports.

Performing a full surface scan of the drive failed to recover all the data that is on the drive.

Store the recovered data on removable media or on your work computer or attach another storage device to which you can save the recovered data.

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