How to recover D Drive

When using a computer system with Windows Vista, you have two different drives automatically installed in the system. The first is the “C:” drive, which houses the operating system, and the second, which houses anything from word processor document images, is the “D:” drive. If the “D:” drive is not working properly, you need to recover and recover the drive. Instructions
Click on the “Start” button on the desktop.

Select “explore all users.”

Double-click “Recovery (D:).”

Click “Continue” when the prompt window pops up asking for “Click Continue to access this folder.” The “D:” drive is actually just a partition of the “C:” drive. This means that you have a single hard drive, but it is divided into two different sections: the “C:” drive and the “D”. Unit

Click “Continue” and “Yes” until the “D:” drive is removed from view

Close the open explorer window and go back to the “All users explorer” option. . The “D:” drive is now found again in the system, and you have access to all data and information contained in the drive


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