How to recover data from a hard drive

Hard drives, more commonly known as hard drives, are used in desktop and laptop computers to store various types of files such as music, video and document files. You can transfer files from the hard drive to another storage device, such as an external hard drive or a pen drive. If you accidentally delete files from your hard drive, you can get them back using a free data recovery program, which you can download for free online. Instructions
Download the free Recuva program online. Install the Recuva program on your PC, then launch the program. Choose your hard drive from the drive selection menu. Recuva will scan the hard drive for deleted files and present them as a list of thumbnails. Click on the files you want to recover and click “Restore”.

Use the 4 File Recovery program to recover accidentally deleted files from a hard drive. Download File Recovery 4 online for free, then install and run the program. Select the hard drive from the drive selection menu, and the program will scan through the hard drive to locate the deleted data. Select the files you want to restore, and they will be returned to your hard drive.

Revive your files with the free download program TOKIWA. Install and start the program. Select the hard drive when prompted to select a drive. Click “Scan files”, and a list of excluded items will appear. Click on the items you want to restore and click “Recovery”.

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