How to recover Pantech Breeze Photos

The Pantech Breeze is a cell phone developed by AT&T. This phone has a built-in camera, when you take pictures with your Pantech Breeze, the image files are stored on the phone’s microSD card, which can hold up to 80 megabytes of information. You can transfer photos from your Pantech Breeze to your computer by inserting the microSD card into a card reader, which fits into the SD card reader. If you accidentally delete images from your Pantech Breeze, you can recover them on your PC using a data recovery program. Things You’ll Need
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Remove the microSD card from your Pantech Breeze.

Turn on your computer. Insert the microSD card into the card reader. Push the card reader into the SD card slot on your computer.

Download a free data recovery program on your PC, such as Uneraser, Recuva or Smart Recovery 4.5. Install the program, open it.

Choose microSD card from the drive selection menu. The data recovery program will scan the microSD card for deleted files including image files. The files will be displayed in a list of thumbnails.

Click on the image files you want to recover and click on the “Restore” button. The deleted photo files will restore to the microSD card. Remove the card reader from the SD card slot, and re-insert the microSD card into the Pantech Breeze.

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