How to remove an array drive

A RAID array uses multiple hard drives connected to a RAID adapter to provide data protection and improved data access speeds. Hard drives are connected to a separate RAID adapter installed in the computer or to a RAID adapter on the motherboard . Data stored on disks is either mirrored across multiple drives or spread across the entire array. The drive cannot be easily replaced without data loss in various RAID configurations. Things You’ll Need
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Turn off the computer . Unplug the computer’s power cord. Remove the network, monitor and peripheral cables.

Open the computer case. You may need to unscrew the side panel from the case before being able to open it. Some cases allow you to open the box with a button or lock.

Unscrew the RAID array drive you want to remove. Do not remove more than one drive in the array at a time, as the array may not be able to function properly with multiple drives removed.

Disconnect the interface cable and power cable from the back of the RAID drive. Pull the unit out of the case.

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