How to Remove the Housing on an IBM Aptiva Computer Model 2139

The Aptiva 2139 is a home desktop that came standard with the Windows 98 operating system. Depending on the specific hardware that came with the system, you can make your own memory and hard drive upgrades. You’ll have to take out the metal box that surrounds the interior to be able to complete upgrades, a task that takes a few moments. Things You’ll Need
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Quit all applications you are running. Turn off the computer and disconnect it from the power source.

Remove all wires and cables from the tower.

Touch an unpainted piece of metal to remove static electricity from your body and clothing. Static electricity can damage hardware.

Place the tower on a table. Lift the lever to expose the two screws. The handle is located at the upper front end of the tower. Loosen the screws and remove them from the tower.

Slide the metal cover toward yourself and out of the computer’s inner frame.

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