How to repair a CD player

No matter what make and model of computer you own, having a CD player that works in the drive can be a big help. The CD or burner drive lets you install software or just listen to music. When your CD player stops working, you want to get it back to service as soon as possible, but since a number of things can cause the drive not to work, it’s best to use a step-by-step troubleshooting approach . Things You’ll Need
Paper Clip
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Shut down your computer and restart it. Start pushing the “Eject” button on the CD drive as soon as the memory count appears on the screen.

Shine the flashlight in the CD drawer and locate the small bypass hole in the drawer. This hole is usually located near the eject button, but it can be difficult to see, especially on a dark colored unit.

Release a paper clip and insert it into the bypass hole until you hear the CD start to spin. Push the paper clip in once more and the CD tray should come out.

Remove the CD from the drive and replace it with one that you know works in another player. Click on the “My Computer” icon on the computer screen and choose the “Explore” option.

Browse to the drive containing the CD. Depending on your computer’s configuration and how many drives it contains, this could be the “D”, “E” or “F drive”.

Run a laser lens cleaning CD through the drive if the disc is not recognized. It may be necessary to run the cleaning program several times to remove the buildup of dirt and debris from the player’s laser lens.

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