How to repair a DAA file

The DAA file extension stands for PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive. This is a disk image file used in PowerISO applications that can be used to mount virtual file systems like disk drives and can protect data. DAA files are stored by default on your computer’s internal hard drive. If the hard drive is damaged, the DAA files stored on it may be corrupted and the files will be unusable​​. You can use a corruption repair program to fix damaged DAA files. Instructions
Download an online corruption repair program, many of these programs are freely available online, such as Unstoppable Copier, FileRestore Professional and ICE ECC (see References). These programs repair damaged files by searching the hard drive for corrupted information and assembling them back together again into a usable file.

Run the corruption repair program on your computer. Choose hard drive as the location to be scanned for corrupted DAA files.

Wait for the program to finish scanning. The program will find corrupt DAA files and repair them. The repaired files will be restored to your computer’s hard drive.

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