How to Repair a Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drive for Installation

Repairing a damaged Hitachi Deskstar hard drive is necessary after installation in order to allow your computer to recognize and use the drive as it would any other in the system. Do this using the car repair tools in the operating system, restoring the Deskstar internal hard drive’s file structure so that it becomes a safe and stable place to store files. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver
Show Boot Disk More Instructions
Turn off the computer and unplug it. Remove the screws on the back of the case and remove the case side panel.

Insert Deskstar into the drive bay on the front of the machine. Screw the drive into position and connect an IDE/SATA cable from the motherboard and a power cable from the power supply.

Insert the DOS boot disk and boot the system by following the on-screen boot prompt. . Press any key when prompted to boot from disk

Type “chkdsk x: /f” and press “Enter” to repair the Deskstar drive file structure, replacing “x” with the Deskstar drive letter (usually C).

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