How to repair a mobile memory card

There are three types of mobile memory cards: SD cards, microSD cards and CompactFlash cards. SD cards are commonly used in digital cameras. MicroSD cards are smaller versions of SD cards. CompactFlash cards are older memory cards that were used in digital cameras, but were made obsolete by SD cards. It is possible to fix the “corrupted data” errors and viruses on these cards by formatting it on a computer, which will revert the card to its factory settings, erasing all data from the card in the process. Things You’ll Need
External CompactFlash Reader External SD Card Reader
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Place the mobile memory card into the appropriate slot on your computer or external card reader. To connect an SD card to a computer, look for an SD card slot. If your computer does not have an SD card slot, use an external USB SD card reader. If you have a microSD card, connect the card to an SD card converter, then connect the converter to your computer’s SD slot. Most computers don’t have a CompactFlash slot, so if you’re formatting a CompactFlash card, you’ll probably need to use an external USB CompactFlash reader.

Press the left mouse button on the blue button containing the Windows logo in the lower left corner. Click on “Control Panel” in the menu that appears.

Click on “System and Security”. From here, click on “Administrative Tools”. Inside “Administrative Tools”, double-click “Computer Management”.

Click “Disk Management.” Within the list of hard drives, right-click on the icon for your mobile memory card and select “Format.”

Click “OK” to format the card.

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