How to repair a SAM file

SAM stands for Security Account Manager. The SAM file is a log file that stores your password. SAM files are important for your system’s security, and if they are missing or deleted, your system can be left vulnerable to security breaches. The SAM file is stored on your computer’s internal hard drive. If you accidentally delete the SAM file, you can recover it using a data recovery program, which can be downloaded online for free. Instructions
Restore the SAM file to your computer’s hard drive using the free Recuva download program (see Resources). Install Recuva on your PC and run the program. Select the hard drive from Recuva’s drive selection menu, and the program will automatically scan the drive for deleted files. The files will be displayed in a list, locate and click on the SAM file. Click on the “Restore” tab to return the SAM file to your computer’s hard drive.

Use the Tokiwa program to restore the SAM file (see Resources) . Download Tokiwa for free from the Internet and install the program on your computer. Start the program. Click the hard drive in the drive selection menu, then click “Scan files.” Tokiwa will locate deleted files and display them as a list. Choose the SAM file from the list and click “Recovery” to restore the file to your computer.

Download Smart Recovery 4.5 for free online to recover deleted SAM file (see Resources). Once Smart Recovery 4.5 is installed, run the program. Select the “C:/” drive option from the drive selection box, and the program will scan the disk for the deleted data. Choose the SAM file from the list of excluded items, and it will be returned to your hard drive automatically.

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