How to repair an MPP file

An MPP file is a Microsoft Project file. These files are used in the Microsoft Project program which allows you to conveniently organize, control and maintain projects such as schedules and finances. MPP are stored by default on your computer’s hard drive. MPP can be copied to other storage devices such as a pen drive or external hard drive. If you accidentally delete an MPP file, you can get it back using a free data recovery program. Instructions
Download a free copy of EASEUS that you can use to recover deleted files. Install and run the program. Choose the hard drive that contains the deleted MPP files when prompted to select a drive. EASEUS will scan the drive for deleted files and display them in a list. Choose the MPP files you want to recover and click on the “Restore” tab.

Recover accidentally deleted MPP files using FileRestorePlus. Download and install the free software and then launch the application. Choose the hard drive containing the deleted MPP files from the drive selection menu. The program will scan deleted files and display them. Choose the MPP files you would like to recover and they will be restored to your hard drive.

Download and install free File Recovery 4 software to revive deleted MPP files. Launch the program and choose the drive letter containing the deleted MPP files you want to restore. The drive will be scanned and a list of deleted files will be displayed. Select the deleted MPP files to restore them to your hard drive.

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