How to Repair Corrupted System Files on a Windows Mobile XDA

The O2 XDA brand is a developer of Windows Mobile devices. The “X” replaces the “P” on a traditional PDA, or personal digital assistant. These devices use microSD cards as expandable storage, you can store files on microSD card, including important system files. If the microSD card gets corrupted, the files stored there will be unreadable by the device. If system files become corrupted, the device may stop working. However, you can recover corrupted system files from microSD card on your computer. Things You’ll Need
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Remove the microSD card from your Windows Mobile device and insert it into a card reader. Slide the card reader into your computer’s SD card slot.

Download an online corruption repair program such as ECC ICE, Unstoppable Copier or FileRestore Professional. These programs can recover corrupted files and make them usable. Install and run the program on your computer.

Choose microSD card from the car selection menu and choose the type of files to be repaired.The program will scan the card for corrupted system files and repair them.

Remove the card reader from the SD card slot and take the microSD card from the reader. Put the microSD card back into your Windows Mobile device. It will start correctly with the repaired system files.

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