How to repair explorer.exe

The explorer.exe file is the default shell for Microsoft Windows, which is used in the taskbar, desktop screen and the normal Windows interface. It helps make Windows features and functions easier and more efficient. Explorer.exe is stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you accidentally delete the explorer.exe file from your computer, get it back using a data recovery program that you can purchase or download online for free. Instructions
Purchase the eIMAGE data recovery program for $27 as of October 2010. Install eIMAGE on your PC, and launch the program. Choose your PC’s hard drive from the drive selection menu and eIMAGE will scan the drive for deleted and lost files. The files will be displayed in a list; “.restore” choose the explorer.exe files you want to recover and click

Re-access your explorer.exe files using the free download program FileRestorePlus. Install and open the program. Select the “C:/” drive option from the drive selection menu and allow the program to scan the hard drive for deleted files. Choose the explorer.exe files you want to recover, and the files you want restored to your computer’s hard drive.

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