How to repair the CDR file

A CDR file is a CorelDRAW image file. These files are used ​​in Corel imaging programs, and can be exported in other formats that are compatible with other imaging programs. CDR files are stored by default on your computer’s hard drive, but you can transfer them to other storage devices as well. If the hard drive is damaged, the files stored there, including the CDR files, can be corrupted. If this happens, you can use a free download program to repair the corrupted files. Instructions
Use Unstoppable Copier program to fix your corrupted CDR files. You can download this program for free online (see Resources). Install Unstoppable Copier to your PC, then start the program. From the “Target” drop-down box, choose the “C:/” drive option. Unstoppable Copier will merge the corrupted CDR files.

Download the ECC ICE program for free online (see Resources). This program can repair corrupted files including images like CDR files as well as protect files from corruption. Install the program and launch it. Select the type of files you want to search for, in this case CDR files. ICE ECC will repair the CDR files and return them to your hard drive.

repair corrupted files with CDR FileRestore Professional, a program you can download online for free (see Resources). Install and run the program. When prompted, choose “C:/” drive as the location to be scanned. DriveRestore Professional will remount the corrupted CDR files and return them to your hard drive.

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