How to Replace a DVD Drive in a Gateway 700XL Computer

DVD drives are now standard on almost every computer, including the Gateway 700XL. Since DVD drives are one of the few moving parts in a modern work environment, they are also one of the most frequent problem areas. It’s very common for the engine, lens or ejection mechanism to fail, so it’s important to know how to replace the drive when it needs to be replaced. You will need a basic familiarity with desktop PC hardware to complete this operation. Things You’ll Need Phillips Show
Desktop DVD Drive SATA More Instructions 1

Turn off the computer . Remove all power and data cables and place the computer on a sturdy, clean table.

Use your screwdriver to remove the screws from the left and right access panels. Place screws in a cup or sachet for safekeeping. Slide each back panel and remove it. Set the access panels to the side.

Disconnect the SATA data and power cables from the DVD drive. Remove all screws holding the drive in place. Slide the unit forward and pull it out.

Slide the new drive into place through the front of the computer. Replace the screws removed in the previous step. Connect the SATA source and data cables to the new drive.

Replace access panels and tighten them in place. Put your computer back to its normal position and plug the data and power cables back in. Turn on the computer.

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