How to Replace a Matshita SuperDrive

While most portable computers refer to disk drives as optical drives, Apple refers to the disk drives in their portable computers as SuperDrives. There’s no reason to be intimidated by the title, as it’s a standard CD and DVD drive. If you are having problems with your Matshita SuperDrive, you can open the drive and replace it. Things You’ll Need
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Turn off your Mac laptop, close the screen and turn the device back on. Rotate the circular battery latch counterclockwise and remove the rectangular battery from its compartment.

Remove the three screws from the interior wall of the battery compartment. These screws hold a metal bracket in place that covers the end of the hard drive.

Remove support and set aside. Grasp the end of the hard drive, the plastic tab and pull it out of the drive.

Remove the remaining screws now exposed on the battery compartment walls.

Remove the three screws from the middle of the underside of the computer.

Remove the two screws on the side of the computer, near the opening of the disk drive, as well as the four screws on the back of the computer.

Turn the computer up and open the display screen. The case will now be superior completely free. Get up to the side and remove it. The Matshita SuperDrive will now be displayed in the corner of the computer.

Remove the four screws located at the corners of the SuperDrive.

Disconnect the thick ribbon cable that runs from the top of the SuperDrive to a port on the computer’s main circuit board

Lift the SuperDrive out of the drive and replace with a new one. Reverse steps for reassembly.

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