How to replace HP M7067c HD

The HP m7067c is a Media Smart computer intended for home use. The MediaSmart computer uses a special media-oriented Windows operating system to make it easy to serve media files to all the computers and devices on your home network. Media files, especially movie files, can take up a lot of space as you gather content together on the server. You can replace the hard drive on the HP m7067c to get additional storage space for all your files. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver
Compatible Hard Drive
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Shut down the MediaSmart server. Remove the power cord and all peripheral cables from the back of your computer case.

Remove the screws on the right side of the MediaSmart computer. Slide the side panel back. Press the three front-panel tabs near the front of the computer case. Remove the front panel.

Loosen the screws on the bay. Remove the connector cable. Remove the SATA or IDE cable and power cable from the back of the hard drive. You may need to press in the middle of the connectors to remove them from the drive.

Remove the screws located on the front of the drive bay. Slide the entire hard drive case out of the computer by pulling on the drive bay tab. Loosen the four screws on the hard drive. Put the old hard drive aside.

Place the new hard drive in the drive bay. Secure it with the four drive cage screws. Push the drive bay back into the HP MediaSmart m7067c. The bay clicks when it’s in place. Tighten the front drive bay screws into place to secure the case.

Connect the drive bay cable and screw it into place. Connect the IDE or SATA cable and power connector to your new hard drive.

Align the holes on the front panel with the case guides. Press the holes in the tabs until the front panel snaps into place. Slide the side panel off the computer. Connect the power cord and peripherals to the HP m7067c.

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