How to replace the C drive with a copy of the C drive on an external USB drive

The Windows 7 operating system allows you to create system backups and store them on any external media, including a USB hard drive. If your system fails and you need to restore from your personal backup, you can restore using Windows 7 Recovery Console, which is a part of the installation DVD. Restoring a hard drive replaces all information with the backup, so you can recover a hard drive partition that has failed due to corrupted system files. Things You’ll Need
Windows Installation DVD
USB Hard Drive Backup
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Insert the Windows 7 installation DVD into the drive. Restart the computer. When prompted, press “Enter” to launch the recovery center from the installation DVD.

Choose your language, time zone and keyboard settings in the first window, click “Next” to open the installation window. Instead of clicking “Install”, click “Recover Computer” to launch the System Recovery Console.

Click the “Restore computer using a previously created system image” option and click “Next”. Click “Select a system image” in the next window. Click “Next”.

Point to the backup location of your external USB hard drive. Click “OK”. Click “Next” to advance to the final summary window. In the last window, click “Finish” to start the recovery process. Copy files from USB drive to local C drive.

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