How to Replace the CD Player on My Laptop Computer

CD players have been a staple part of almost every computer for many years, with the exception of super lightweight computers like liquid books. Almost every computer now uses a DVD player instead of a CD DVD drive because they are so inexpensive and can also perform all the functions of a CD player. So if you’re going to replace a CD drive, you might have a hard time finding one – you might have to use a DVD drive instead if your laptop can support it. Things You’ll Need
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order a new CD drive from your laptop manufacturer. You may only be able to choose a DVD drive. Ask the manufacturer’s parts department if the DVD or other optical drive will fit and work with your laptop, if this is the case.

Take out your current CD player. Some laptops have buttons that are pushed to release the CD drive, but it may have screws that secure it in place that need to be removed from the bottom of the laptop. Check your laptop manual to find out more specifics for your laptop.

Disconnect the cables from the CD player drive. There are probably power and data cables connecting the drive to the inside of the computer. Carefully disconnect the cables from the CD drive. The cables must pull out or you may have to push on side tabs to release the cables before pulling out.

Put the new CD in the place where the old CD was. Connect the cables and push the CD into place. Fasten the screws back to the laptop and make sure the CD drive is securely in place.

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