How to Replace Thinkpad Hard Drive

ThinkPad is a line of notebook computers made by Lenovo. If you are a ThinkPad owner that saves a lot of music, movies and files to your ThinkPad, you may find your hard disk space is at capacity. When this is the case, you can easily replace the hard drive with one that has more space. While this may sound complicated, the laptop maker has made the ThinkPad hard drive affordable and easy to replace. Instructions
Save your data which is on the current hard drive. Move it to a flash drive or on a server. Turn off the laptop. Remove all cable and ropes.

Touch an unpainted piece of metal to discharge static electricity from your body and clothing. Turn the laptop over. Slide the battery compartment latches to the unlocked position. Remove the battery.

Find the portable hard drive case along the edge of the laptop. The case will be secured with one or two screws at the bottom of the laptop. Loosen the screws.

Lift the laptop up and open the screen slightly. Grab the top edge of the hard drive case edge and slide it out of the device. This will require a little pressure since you are turning off the hard drive from the inside of the laptop.

Remove the screws around the case and slide or lift the hard drive out of the case. Place the new hard drive in the case and tighten the screws.

Slide the hard drive case into the slot you took from in Step 6 . Make sure it connects to the inside of the laptop. Tighten the screw or screws you removed in step 5 . Insert the battery and connect the necessary wires and cables. Turn on the computer .

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