How to reset an Acer computer

Restarting your Acer computer may be necessary either because it is having problems functioning properly, or you may be planning to resell the computer. No matter the reason, resetting the Acer returns it to factory settings. This means that the person who gets your computer from you will not be able to access your personal files or folders. Instructions
Plug in the adapter or battery if the Acer computer you are resetting is a laptop.

Press the “Power” button.
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Press and hold the “Alt” key immediately after pressing “Power”. Start pressing the “F10” key.

stop hitting “F10” and release “Alt” when the “Starting Acer Recovery” is displayed.

Click “1. Restore system to factory default”, and press “Enter”.

Enter the administrative password. (This is necessary in order to continue.)

Click “Yes” and click “Next”. Your Acer computer will now reboot itself.

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