How to reset Micro SD

Many devices, such as cell phones and digital cameras, used microSD cards to store photos, video and other data. If a problem at a time develops with your card, you may wish to format the card so that it will work correctly again. To format a microSD card, first connect it to your computer. It can be formatted using the “Format” option from the “My Computer” menu. Things You’ll Need
SD Device-
USB Conversion Cable
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Insert the microSD card into the SD-conversion device. If you are using a microSD to USB reader device instead, slide the card into the microSD slot.

Slide the device into your computer’s SD card slot. A microSD to USB reader will need to be connected to the computer via a USB cable.

Click “Start” and select “My Computer”.

Right click on your microSD card drive, commonly called “SD” . Select “Format”.

Select “FAT16”.

Click on the “Format” button. Wait until the process completes before removing the SD-conversion device or microSD to USB reader from your computer.

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