How to Restore a Database from an LDF File

The LDF file extension stands for SQL Server transaction log file. These log files contain recent actions taken by the SQL Server database. If an unexpected shutdown occurs, the transaction log file can be used to restore the database to its exact state before the failure. Without LDF files, the database may experience errors. If you accidentally delete LDF files, you can restore them using a data recovery program, which can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost. Instructions
Download a free data recovery program from the Internet, these programs include File Recovery 4, Recuva and FileRestorePlus (see Resources). Once you have successfully installed the program, open it.

Choose your computer’s hard drive as the location to be scanned. The program will search the hard drive and find deleted LDF files and other files. Deleted data will be displayed as a list.

Click on the LDF files you want to recover and click on the “Restore” tab. FDL files will be returned to the “C:/” drive.

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