How to Restore a Hard Drive Image

The hard drive image, a digital image of the hard drive at the time of image recording, is used to restore a crashed or damaged hard drive or to move records to a new hard drive. The transferred information will only include the data, operating system and programs “photographed” during the backup process. There are many back-up software producers using the disk imaging method. Prices range from free to several hundred dollars. Free software is basic and easy to use. More expensive software offers more utilities. Things You’ll Need
Computer Photography Image Software
Disc Imaging Saved
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If the image is stored on a CD/DVD-ROM, insert the first numbered disc into the CD/DVD drive.

Restart the computer.

When asked if full restoration is necessary and warned that all data written to the hard drive after the disk imaging has taken place will be lost, rest assured all important documents are saved in an alternate storage location.

Press “Enter” and the process of restoring your automated cycle begins, with no further user input required.

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