How to restore a QIC file

A QIC file is a backup file, similar to a zip file, which is a collection of smaller files. These files are useful because they can free up storage space on your computer, and they can help keep your files safe too. QIC files are usually stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you accidentally lose or delete your QIC files, you can get them back a data recovery program will, available for download or for purchase. Instructions
Download EASEUS online for free. This is a data recovery program that will allow you to access lost or deleted QIC and other files.
When the program asks you to do this, select the hard drive from the disk storage menu. From the hard drive, EASEUS will generate a list of files that have been deleted. Select the files you want to recover and click on the “Restore” tab.

Purchase eIMAGE data recovery program for $27, program price as of September 2010. This program recovers deleted files and reformatted files.
From the drive selection window, choose the hard drive. eIMAGE will give you a list of deleted and reformatted items, choose your deleted QIC files and click “Restore”

Recover deleted files with QIC TOKIWA , freeware that recovers deleted data < . . br>

Install and start the program. Click the hard drive when prompted to choose a drive, then click “Scan Files” . A list of excluded items will appear. Choose the QIC files you want to restore and click on the “Recovery” tab.

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