How to Restore a System Hard Drive on a Toshiba

Most modern Toshiba computers include a hijacked area on the hard drive that contains recovery information for the system. You can access this partition to restore your Toshiba laptop and return the system hard drive to its original state including all factory settings. Older Toshiba laptops will require system recovery discs to complete this process. Options vary between models, operating systems and add-on software, so read each screen in the recovery process carefully before making your selections. Instructions
Back up any data you want to save and shut your computer down completely. Remove any device that is connected to your computer except the power cord. This includes a mouse, keyboard, memory card, monitor, external printer, and anything else that didn’t come attached to the computer when it was new.

Connect the computer to the wall. The recovery process can take several hours and completely drain the battery to keep you powered up during the entire process.

Keep the number zero on the keyboard while you turn on the power if you are using internal hard drive recovery media. This will take you to the recovery process screens – dropped the zero key when the first screen appears. If you are using the recovery CD for an older laptop, let the laptop boot normally, place the first CD in the drive and restart the computer. This will take you to the disk version of the recovery screens.

Select the operating system you want to restore, if this choice is available.

Click “Yes”, “Next” or “OK” to confirm that you want to reimage the hard drive.

Follow all onscreen instructions to restore your hard drive. Choose “Restore factory settings” or “Restore from state box” if your system offers you several restore options.

Restart your computer when prompted. It may be necessary to restart several times to complete the process.

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