How to Restore a Toshiba HDD

The hard disk drive (HDD) in modern Toshiba laptops includes an integrated recovery partition. This means that everything you need to restore your hard drive is contained within the computer itself, but in a place that has limited access and is therefore not as vulnerable to viruses or other computer problems. Back up all your data to an external source, such as a portable hard drive or multiple CDs, before performing a hard drive restore. Depending on the options chosen, your personal data and any programs not included with your purchase may be lost. Instructions
Unplug any external items you’ve connected to your laptop and remove all disks or other media from your drives and ports.

Shut down the computer using the standard Windows shutdown procedure.

Connect your computer to a power source, as hard drive recovery can take a long time and drain your battery power.

Press the number “0” on your keyboard and hold it down as you turn on your computer. Release the “0” key only when the Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility screen is displayed.

Press the number “1” on the keyboard to select the option to restore factory settings. Just select one of the other options if you are an advanced user and we are sure you are doing.

Click “Yes” or press “Enter” if “Yes” is highlighted. This will start the recovery process. Do not try to press any keys or run other programs during recovery, which may take several hours. The computer may reboot itself several times during recovery.

Press a key of your choice on your keyboard when the computer prompts you to do so. This initiates the final restart which will complete the process of restoring your computer’s disk drive.

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