How to Restore Damaged Memory Data from Stick

Don’t scream and panic if you discover you have damaged memory stick data. It is possible to get all precious files back. Sometimes memory cards get corrupted through viruses, malfunctions or human error such as accidental deletions or formatting. Those files aren’t gone forever. With just a little effort, most of them can be retrieved. There are a couple of ways to recover damaged memory stick data. Things You’ll Need Show
Data Recovery Software
More Instructions
Check Disk
Insert the damaged memory card into your computer’s USB port. Click “Start”. Choose “Run”. On Windows 7, “Run” can be found by typing it into the search box under
Type 2

“Start”. “Chkdsk e: /r” in the box. Click “OK”. The computer will scan the damaged memory card, file recovery as it goes along.

Enter “Y” when asked to save lost strings to files. Hit “Enter”.

Run “Check Disk” again if memory card opens but individual files are still corrupted. Type “chkdsk e: /f” into the race box. This command will fix the errors found on the memory stick.
Data Recovery Software
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Download Data Recovery. Some of them include TestDisk, USB Drive Data Recovery Software and GetDataBack.

Load the data recovery program. Follow the instructions provided with the damaged memory stick data recovery program.

Open the memory card to see if the files have been recovered.
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