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How to restore deleted Windows 10 Recycle Bin

I will show you how to restore or hide/show the trash in Windows 10 when it disappears.
If the “Trash icon” on the desktop suddenly disappeared, or if you want to delete the trash can, you can use “Desktop icon settings”. This page introduces what to do when there is no trash can on the screen.
For details on trash settings and location, see the following page. 

Restoring the trash can icon “Show | Hide”

Open the settings to show the “Trash” icon on the desktop.

  • Click the Windows mark and click Settings. 
  • When the setting window opens, click “Personalization”
  • Click Themes under Personalization. 
  • Scroll through the contents displayed on the right and click “Desktop icon settings” in “Related settings” to open the settings screen. 

Click “Trash (R)”, add a check mark, and click “OK” or “Apply” to display a trash can icon on the desktop.
With this operation, you can set “Show/Hide” for the trash can icon.

  • In addition, the following icons can be displayed or hidden by the operation “Desktop icon settings” introduced here.
  • computer
  • User’s files (folders such as documents, pictures, videos, etc.)
  • network (shared)
  • Control panel

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