How to restore DLLcache files

Dllcache is a folder file designed by Microsoft that is used to store and protect important operating system files. For example, the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7, uses a dllcache folder to store the files needed for Windows 7 to run safely. Dllcache files help updates run effectively, too. If these files are accidentally deleted or lost, the operating system may not function as efficiently. There are free programs available that can restore lost or deleted dllcache files back to your computer’s hard drive. Instructions
Recover your deleted dllcache files with TOKIWA, a free downloadable data recovery program. Install TOKIWA and run the program. Use the drive selection menu to choose the location where Dllcache files are stored and click on the “Scan Files” tab. This will produce a list of excluded items including Dllcache files. Select the files you want to restore and click “Recovery”.

Regain deleted dllcache and other files with Recuva DataRecovery, the freeware you can download over the Internet. Launch the program and select your PC’s hard drive when prompted to choose a drive. Recuva will display a list of deleted data thumbnails. Highlight to select the Dllcache files you want to recover and click “Restore”.

Download EASEUS for free online. This is a data recovery program that can re-access deleted files from a hard drive or portable storage device. Run the program and choose the relevant unit when EASEUS asks you to do so. A list of excluded files will appear. Choose the deleted dllcache files you want to restore and click the “Restore” button.

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