How to restore gho files

Gho means ghost files. Ghost files are image files that have been split due to file size to help keep your hard drive clean and to help organize larger files. Gho files are usually stored on your computer’s internal hard drive. If gho files are accidentally deleted or lost, you may not be able to access certain files. If this happens, you can use a purchased or downloaded data recovery program to recover gho files. Instructions
Buy eIMAGE for $27 as of September 2010 (see Resources). This program can recover deleted files and reformatted files. Install eIMAGE and run the program. You will be asked to select a drive, choose the internal hard drive where gho files are stored by default. The program will display a list of deleted and reformatted files, including your gho files. Select the gho files and click “Restore”.

Download Easesu, which is free available on the Internet (see Resources). This is a data recovery program that can recover deleted files including deleted gho files. Open the Easeus program and choose the hard drive when prompted to choose a drive. A list of excluded items will be displayed, choose gho files from the list. Click “Restore” to finish recovering files.

Recover gho deleted files with Tokiwa, a free program that restores deleted files (see Resources). Run the program and choose the appropriate drive from the drive selection menu. Press the “Scan Files” button to display a list of deleted data. Click on the gho files to be restored and click on “Recovery”.

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