How to Restore MMC Exe

MMC stands for Microsoft Management Console. MMC files are executable files that open programs in the background on your computer, such as “Task Manager” and “Control Panel”. If these files are deleted, you may not be able to access these programs. By default, MMC exe files are stored on your PC’s internal hard drive, under “system files.” There are free programs you can download online to recover MMC files and restore them to your computer. Instructions
Download the Easeus freeware program, which is a data recovery program that will allow you to restore deleted MMC files on your computer. Once the download has been successfully installed, run the program. Choose the hard drive from the Easeus drive selection menu; a list of excluded files will be displayed, including the MMC exe files. Choose which MMC files you want and click “Restore”.

Install Recuva Data Recovery, which can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Once you have installed the program, open it and choose your PC’s internal hard drive from the drive selection screen. Thumbnails of deleted items will be displayed from which you can select the MMC files you want to recover. Click on the files and click “Restore”.

Use Tokiwa to restore your deleted MMC files on your computer. You can download Tokiwa for free online. Install and run the program. Select the hard drive when the program asks you to do so and then click on the “Scan Files” tab. Deleted data, including MMC exe, will be displayed. Click on the files you want to restore and click “Recovery”.

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