How to Restore My CISNET Computer

CISNET computers are used primarily for government offices, small businesses and educational settings. They have Internet capabilities and allow the user to enter documents, prepare presentations and store data. CISNET computers run on Windows XP operating system, most models come with this operating system already installed. If your CISNET computer starts experiencing issues like loss of Internet connectivity, hard drive freezes or viruses, you can use Windows XP to perform a system restore. This program allows you to choose a previous configuration of the CISNET computer when it was running normally. Instructions
Press “Start” on your CISNET computer screen. Go to “Accessories”, then hover over “System Tools”. Click on “System Restore”.

Click on the option that allows you to select a different restore point instead of using the default restore point . The program will display a calendar.

Select a specific point to restore the computer to CISNET by choosing a date from the calendar view. Click “Next” button to confirm, click “Finish” to close System Restore. Your computer will restart and CISNET will open with the selected settings.

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