How to restore SNMaster IDX files

SNMaster IDX files contain your AOL password and screen name information. SNMaster files are needed to run some AOL programs, including the instant messaging program. If they are missing, you may not be able to access some of the company’s programs. These files are usually stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you accidentally delete SNMaster IDX files, you can recover them using a data recovery program, which you can purchase or download for free. Instructions
Purchase eIMAGE for $27 as of October 2010. Install eIMAGE on your PC and run the program. From the drive selection box, choose the hard drive where SNMaster IDX files are stored. The program will scan the hard drive and display a list of deleted files. Select the SNMaster IDX files you want to recover and click on the “Restore” tab.

Use FileRestorePlus to recover your deleted SNMaster IDX files. Download this program for free from the Internet, install it and run it. Choose your “C:/” drive from the drive selection menu, and the program will automatically scan the drive for lost and deleted files. The SNMaster IDX files will be in a list of other deleted files; locate them and click on them to restore them to your computer

recover your SNMaster IDX files with File Recovery 4 . a free, downloadable data recovery program. Open the program on your computer. Choose your computer’s hard drive when prompted to choose a drive. File Recovery 4 will scan deleted files, and display them in a list. Choose the SNMaster IDX files you want to recover and they will be restored to your computer.


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