How to restore temporary files after defragmentation

Defragmenting the hard drive is a process in which files are repositioned so that the system can find and read them more easily, which can speed up your computer’s hard drive. Sometimes, during a disk defragmentation, temporary files can be deleted. If you need to recover these temporary files, you can use a data recovery program to recover the data and restore it to your hard drive. You can download many of these data recovery programs from the Internet for free. Instructions
Download a data recovery program, such as File Recovery 4, TOKIWA or Uneraser, for free (see Resources). Once you have installed the program, run it on your computer.

Choose the “C:/” drive option from the drive selection menu when prompted. The program will scan the hard drive for deleted temporary files and display the data in a list.

Choose the temporary files you want to recover and click the “Restore” button. Temporary files will return to the hard drive.

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