How to restore USB files

A USB flash drive allows you to store and transfer information from one device to another. However, because these small drives work in the same way as a normal disk drive, you might accidentally delete some of your important files. Using file recovery software, however, you can restore deleted USB files. Instructions
Download and install the file recovery program you want, such as Recover My Files, Disk Doctors and WinUndelete (see References).

Attach your USB flash drive to your laptop or desktop. Allow your computer to recognize the new drive.

Start your file recovery program. Choose “USB Flash Drive” when prompted to enter a location to search for your deleted files.

Click on “Scan”. Due to the small size of your USB flash drive compared to a normal hard disk drive, this process may only take a couple of seconds.

Look through the results on your computer screen. If you see a file you want to recover, click on the file and click “Restore” to recover the file.

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