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How to restore Windows 10 taskbar when it turns white

The taskbar may suddenly turn white due to an update of Windows 10, etc. How to return the taskbar to the previous black can be easily operated from the “Color” setting. You can also set dark mode and light mode (white taskbar). This page introduces how to restore the taskbar when it turns white.
For details on how to customize and configure the taskbar,

Restore White Taskbar Color

The setting to restore when the taskbar turns white is operated in “Color” in personal settings. You can change the base color of Windows 10 with this “color selection”. You can select “Dark mode (black)”, “Light mode (white)”, and “Custom” for the base color setting. Open “Color” in personal settings
. Right-click on an empty place such as an icon on the desktop and click “Personalize” in the menu to display the setting screen.

  • Click Colors under Personalization.
  • You can set the base color of the taskbar, etc. by selecting “Select color” on the color setting page.
  • For the setting to return the white taskbar to black, please proceed to the next section.

Turn The Taskbar Back To Black

The setting method here is to set the taskbar and start menu to black and the base color of other windows to white. Click the Choose a color selection box and click Custom. If you click and select “Black” in “Choose the default Windows mode”, the white taskbar will immediately return to black.

 * In “Select color”, you can also set other settings such as the base color of dark mode. The setting method and color status are introduced in the next section.


Customizing The Windows Base Color

Dark Mode (black base color)

Click “Black or Dark” in the “Choose a color” selection box to instantly change to dark mode.

Light Mode (White Base Color)

Click “White or Light” in the “Choose Color” selection box to immediately change to light mode. 

Taskbar and Start Menu are white and everything else is black

Select “Custom” in the “Choose a color” selection box.

Select “White” for “Choose your default Windows mode”

Select “Black” in “Choose your default app mode” 

The following page introduces how to change the color of the taskbar to any color instead of white or black.

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