How to retrieve a BKF file and save it as an SQZ File

. . A BKF file is a Windows backup utility file. It contains a catalog of files that have been supported by the dealership. The file extension of BKF. It is the default extension, but these files can be saved in any file extension, including SQZ . The BKF file is stored on the computer’s hard drive. If you accidentally delete the BKF file, you can recover it using a data recovery program, which you can download at no cost. Instructions
Download a free online data recovery program such as Recuva, FileRestorePlus or Uneraser. Programs can recovery deleted files from your computer’s hard drive. Install and run the program on your computer.

Choose the hard drive from the drive selection menu. The data recovery program will scan the drive for deleted BKF files and display the data in a list of thumbnails.

Select the deleted BKF files you want to restore and click the “Restore” button. The files will be restored to your computer’s hard drive.

Access your “C:/” drive under “Computer” and locate the BKF files. Click on the files and save them as files. SQZ. BKF files can be renamed using any file extension.

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