How to save files to Maxtor One Touch 4

The Maxtor One-Touch hard drive is a high-capacity drive that allows you to back up data in the event of a hard drive failure or your computer fails to boot. The hard drive comes with backup software that you use to copy files from your hard drive to the backup device. The software offers you a “Simple Backup” plan that allows you to quickly back up your important data. It is important to copy your files frequently to ensure documents are stored in case you need to retrieve them later. Instructions
Double-click the system tray icon for your One-Touch software. This opens the main console for backups and other hard drive settings.

click “Backup” to open the main backup window. Click “Simple Backup” to launch the main backup wizard application.

Enter a name for the backup. The backup plan is saved so this is shown in future backup plans. Click “OK”.

Click “Edit Backup Settings.” Select the folders and files you want to store on the drive. Click “OK”.

Click “Backup Now”. This starts copying files from your hard drive to your device with one tap. This can take several minutes, depending on how much data you need to copy.

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