How to Send Signal to PC to TV Serial Adapter

When using a computer system you may want to increase the monitor’s total viewing area. This can be done by connecting a computer monitor to a television system. To perform this action you must use a serial adapter that takes your computer’s VGA serial connection and turns it into an RGB based connection, which allows your TV to accept and receive the video signal. Things You’ll Need
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Attach the VGA serial end of the adapter to the VGA connection port on the computer. This is exactly where the monitor on your computer hooks up to.

Connect the red, green and blue video connectors to the “components on” ports on the back of the television.


Turn on your computer and TV. You don’t need to adjust other settings on the computer system.
Press “Input” option 4 on the TV, then select “Component” and the video information from the computers loads to the screen.

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