How to set up a TeraStation

The TeraStation, created by Buffalo Technologies, allows personal and business computer users to store and share information between large numbers of computers. TeraStation functions as a network-attached storage system. You can share your data with a different computer, either in your home or on a different floor. TeraStation must be mapped to your computer before it can be used. Setting up TeraStation can be achieved in just a few steps. Things You’ll Need
TeraStation (Pro)
Ethernet Cable
Installation CD
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Setting Up TeraStation
Connect both to the back of the TeraStation at their proper outputs. The TeraStation must come with a power cord and an Ethernet cable, which connects the device to the network. Plug the Ethernet cable into its appropriate wall outlet and plug the power cord into an outlet. You can then proceed to turn TeraStation on. A light on the front of the TeraStation next to the words “LINK /ACT” turns on if the device connects correctly.

Insert the TeraStation installation CD into your computer and start the process. A setup menu will appear. Click on the button that says “Install Client Utility.” Start the installation process, continuing to the next prompt. A tabbed menu will appear. Make sure your specific TeraStation guide is highlighted. Click on “Setup”, followed by “Browser Management”.

Enter the username “admin ” and the password “password “, both without the quotes. After installation, a new window will appear. On the left side of the window, several options appear. Click on the “Basic” option. This will allow you to enter information vital to finding TeraStation on any other computer. Click “Apply” after changing any information if you want to save it.

Click on the “Start” menu and go to the “Run” option. In the dialog box that appears, enter the phrase ” \\ \\ TeraStation_ ” – followed by the name you gave TeraStation in the “Basic” menu. After clicking “OK”, a new window will appear. Click the “Tools” button on the menu bar, followed by “Map Network Drive.” You then select the drive letter and folder name you want TeraStation to appear as. Click “Return No Login” and then finish.

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