How to set up a Western Digital Hard Drive

Western Digital is a computer hardware company that primarily produces system storage devices such as hard drives (also known as hard drives). When installing a new hard drive in your computer, you need to follow some setup details. If you don’t, your computer will not be able to detect or run the Western Digital hard drive and store data on it. Things You’ll Need
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Driver Installation CD
More Instructions
Turn off the computer system, then remove the cables running on the computer. Loosen the screws on the back of the computer, then slide open the computer case to expose the inside of the computer.

Slide the Western Digital hard drive into the open installation opening, located under your current hard drive and CD/DVD drive.

Plug the supplied power/data connection cable into the connection port on the back of the hard drive.

Look for the other power/data cables running from other drives to where it meets the motherboard. Extra connection ports are located here. Plug the other end of the power/data cable running from the back of the Western Digital hard drive into the open connection port.

Close the computer case, tighten the screws and connect the cables back to the system.

Turn on the computer and insert the driver installation CD into the computer’s disk drive. As soon as the installation wizard loads on the screen, click “Next”, leave the installation name and location as is, then select “Install” to install the Hard West Digital Drive drivers to your computer system.
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