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How to share Windows 11 folders on the network

In Windows 11, to share a specific folder on the network, you can share the folder by enabling sharing and setting permissions from the properties of the right-click menu. This page introduces how to share Windows 11 folders on the network.
If Windows 11 network sharing is not enabled, please refer to the following page.
Windows 11 Enable specific folders and files to be shared on the network

Here, folders are used as an example, but the same operation is performed when sharing files.

  • When a folder is shared , all files in the folder can be shared over the network unless special settings are made.
  • When sharing files , only files with sharing enabled can be network shared.

1. Open the folder’s sharing settings

1-1. Right-click the folder to be shared and click “Properties” in the menu.
 1-2. When the properties are opened, click the “Sharing” tab to display “Network file and folder sharing”.
2. Folder Sharing Preferences

2-1. Click the “Share” button. 

From here, add Everyone to Share with (recommended). Everyone means all users. Network sharing can be done without adding Everyone, but sharing without a password or setting Everyone depending on the environment may not be possible.
The settings in gray below are not required, and can be set later when sharing is not possible.
2-2. When “Choose who to share with” is displayed, click the expand icon in the selection box.
 2-3. Everyone will be displayed in the selection box, so click “Add”. 

2-4. Click “Share”.
 2-5. “User’s folder is shared” is displayed. If the folder to be shared is displayed in the “Individual item” box, click “Finish”

3. Set folder sharing permissions

Here, for the shared folder, set access permissions such as read-only and change-permitted, and the number of users who can share the folder at the same time. 3-1. Click the “Advanced Sharing” button.
 3-2. When “Advanced Sharing” is displayed, confirm that “Share this folder” is selected. If it is not selected, click it to select it.
 3-3.The number of users who can share at the same time adjusts the number of people who can open the files in the folder at the same time (the number of shared PCs) with the “▲▼” buttons.
 3-4. Click “Permission”.
 3-5.When “Access Permission” is displayed, “Everyone” is selected in “Group or user name”, and set the access right in the “Access Permission” box under it.

Types and descriptions of shared folder access rights

  • Full Control: Can read, modify and delete . Click this to select all permissions.
  • Change: You can edit and change the read files.
  • Read: Can’t do anything except open files etc. Since it is selected by default, it is OK as it is.
    Please note that if you deselect it and click “Apply/OK”, it will take more time to configure the settings.

Click Apply when you have finished selecting permissions. 

From here, add users who have shared folders (recommended).
As with Everyone, he can be shared without being added, but there are cases where he cannot be shared unless a password is set or depending on the environment.
The settings in gray below are not required, and can be set later when sharing is not possible.
3-6. Click “Add” under the “Group or user names” box.
 3-7. When the user or group selection is displayed, click “Advanced Settings”.
 3-8. When the details of the user or group selection are displayed, click “Search”.
 3-9. In the “Search results” box, find the user name that has this share set up and double-click it.
 3-10. You will return to the “Select User or Group” screen. Check the user name and click “OK”.
 3-11. When the permissions are displayed, select ” Full Control ” because you are the owner and click “OK”. 

3-11. Click “OK” to close all open sharing settings screens. 

4. Confirmation of completion of folder sharing

4-1. Click on the network of the explorer and wait for a while as the search will start when it is displayed.
 4-2. Double-click the icon with the name of the PC you are using, and if the shared folder is displayed, network sharing of the folder is complete. 

Shared PC not visible on network

  • If you don’t see the shared folder, press F5 on your keyboard to refresh. If it does not appear after a long time, please recheck the sharing settings of the folder.
  • If the PC itself is not displayed on the network, please check the network sharing settings 

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