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How to stop (disable) automatic startup of Windows 10 services

In the service, anti-virus software, updates, important system configurations for using Windows, etc. are registered. Applications that are registered in the service and automatically start up basically do not open the screen, so you usually don’t know what is running. It is the “service management tool” that manages them. Also, it will start earlier than the one registered in Startup. This page introduces how to disable automatic startup by the service.
In addition to services, there is also a place to set things such as apps to start automatically. Please see the following page for details.

Open Service Management Tool

1.In the taskbar, if you right-click in a place where there is nothing such as an icon, a menu will appear, so click “Task Manager”.

2. When “Task Manager” opens, click “Services” in the tab menu.
Next, click “Open Service Management Tool” on the service screen.

Disable registered services

Service management tool screen overview

  • Name: Service registration name
  • Description: A description of the service’s functionality, etc. This description will be displayed on the left by selecting the desired service.
  • Status: “Running” is displayed if it is currently running
  • Startup type: If it is an automatic startup, “Automatic” etc. is displayed. See startup type for details

Disabling automatic service startup

When you select the desired service, the explanation will be displayed, so please read the explanation.
Right-click the desired service and click Properties on the menu.
 The properties window will open, so click “Startup type” to display the select box and click the type that suits your purpose.
If you don’t need it at all, “disable”, and if you just want to stop automatic startup, “manual” is good.

Startup type

    • Auto: Start automatically.
    • Automatic (delayed start): Start later than normal automatic start.
    • Manually: Start automatically when an application is needed.
    • Disabled: Stops autostart completely. (It can be started arbitrarily later)

After selecting the Startup type, click OK or Apply. The next time you boot, it will boot in the startup state set here. (*1) Click “Stop” to immediately stop the running service.

Some of them cannot be set even if they are registered in the service management tool.
Windows Defender is one of them. Even if I open the properties, it is in a state where it cannot be set. Refer to the figure below
In this case, you can deal with it by setting the registry separately.
 Pages related to automatic startup

  • If the app you want to stop auto-starting is not registered in “Startup”, you may be able to stop auto-starting by editing the registry.
    Startup registry location and autostart settings
  • The way to disable automatic startup of startup is to disable automatic startup by checking system registration and folder registration.

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